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Based in New York, United States

Release date:
July 2nd, 2018

Nintendo Switch


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Nintendo Switch$10


Fabraz is proud to publish Eeendhoorn's game SpiritSphere DX exclusively to the Nintendo Switch! One part tennis, other part magical beat down! Play solo or compete with friends by battling across fantastical realms and unleash the power of the Spirit Spheres! Travel across the mystical kingdom as Lin in single player to rescue her sister Taya and face the nefarious Baphomet before it's too late! Or get 1-3 friends and play a few rounds of competitive sphere smashing! SpiritSphere DX comes with a staggering amount of modes including a squash mode, boss mode, ghost mode, vertical hand2hand mode and more!


This is a game that is made to be picked up and played with friends on the Nintendo Switch! We're incredibly proud to publish the enhanced edition of SpiritSphere by Eeendhoorn and we're excited to get your hands on it!


  • Competitive local multiplayer action!
  • Singleplayer campaign with randomized encounters and modes!
  • Squash mode: Play a round of competitive sphere squash!
  • Boss mode: More than two players but less than three? Play 2v1, where one player controls the boss!
  • Ghost mode: Not a strong player but want to contribute? Join as a ghost for shenanigans!
  • Target mode: Break the targets in this challenging mode!
  • Tate mode: Play the game vertically, each player holding one attached joy-con!
  • Multiple stages, characters and spheres to play and unlock!
  • Retro flavored graphics and sound mimicking the games of yore!
  • Gameplay that is easy to pick up but hard to master!
  • Fast paced arcade style gameplay throughout!


SpiritSphere DX: Main Trailer YouTube

SpiritSphere DX: Hand2Hand Mode Feature YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Prize: Nomination" December, 2017
  • "Official Selection of the Indie MEGABOOTH" April, 2018
  • "Featured in Berlin/Munich Subways through Berliner Fenster" September, 2019

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Developer: Eendhoorn
Website here. .

Publisher: Fabraz
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About Fabraz

Fabraz is an independent game development studio based in New York. Drawing from minds and talent found in New York, Boston, Berlin, Zurich, Bangkok and more, it is a breeding ground of creativity. Its first games were Cannon Crasha and Planet Diver and were met with critical success thanks to appearances on Kotaku, IGN and Apple's own store features. Their newest game, Slime-san, debuted as a Humble Monthly title and was nominated for several awards including the Indie Prize, Bit Awards, Making Games, GDWC and more. It was part of the Indie Arena Booth selection, was on display at the Smithsonian and was featured by Nintendo and Metacritic numerous times. Fabraz is also behind several other interesting prototypes such as the Wild Wild Pixel, Silhouetted Sovereign and Game Jam titles such as Mutiny on Samovar V and Andari Prime. In addition to self-developed video games, Fabraz has also initiated a publishing program to release unique independent games from other developers to the Nintendo Switch. The first title being SpiritSphere DX and the second one being Skellboy. #ForbesUnder30

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SpiritSphere DX Credits

Martino Wullems
Lead and Developer







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