Fabraz is an independent game development studio based in New York. Drawing from minds and talent found in New York, Boston, Berlin, Zurich, Bangkok and more, it is a breeding ground of creativity. Its first games were Cannon Crasha and Planet Diver and were met with critical success thanks to appearances on Kotaku, IGN and Apple's own store features. Their newest game, Slime-san, debuted as a Humble Monthly title and was nominated for several awards including the Indie Prize, Bit Awards, Making Games, GDWC and more. It was part of the Indie Arena Booth selection, was on display at the Smithsonian and was featured by Nintendo and Metacritic numerous times. Fabraz is also behind several other interesting prototypes such as the Wild Wild Pixel, Silhouetted Sovereign and Game Jam titles such as Mutiny on Samovar V and Andari Prime. In addition to self-developed video games, Fabraz has also initiated a publishing program to release unique independent games from other developers to the Nintendo Switch. The first title being SpiritSphere DX and the second one being Skellboy. #ForbesUnder30


Who’s Fabian Rastorfer?

Fabian Rastorfer is the founder of Fabraz and takes on the role as game designer, graphic designer, animator, writer, level designer, unity editor, marketer and community manager. Swiss by passport, he was one of the lead developers and primary artist behind all games at Fabraz. He's also the steady hand behind the webcomic The Tale of Aeria.

Who’s Ben Miller?

Ben Miller takes on the role as game designer, programmer, unity editor and more. He graduated from Eugene Lang College of the New School studying music and games, as well as from Parsons Design and Technology MFA program. He was one of the lead developers and primary programmers behind most games at Fabraz. You won’t find anyone else as dedicated as him.

Who’s Edgar Castro?

American by passport, grew up in the Bronx. He graduated with a Design and Technology Bachelors from Parsons in New York. He was the primary tester for Fabraz first, but thanks to his design sensibilities, eventually joined the core team of Fabraz. His primary skills are level design, game testing, sound design, implementation work and being the neutral arbiter between Fabian and Ben.

Who’s Markus Jost?

Markus is one of the best developers in the business. After his studies at the Zurich University in Information Technology, he gained experience and advanced his career as a software engineer in Switzerland. In 2008 he won an international contest by Microsoft on a game of his that earned him the right to work on major Microsoft titles such as the Path of Go.

Who’s Songwut Ouppakarndee?

Songwut Ouppakarndee grew up near Bangkok, Thailand. He’s done several breathtaking projects, involving anime and manga, and is the primary artist behind the Tale of Aeria. His primary skills are illustration, animation and a keen sense of narrative structure.



Slime-san Trailer YouTube

Planet Diver Trailer YouTube

Cannon Crasha Trailer YouTube

SpiritSphere DX Trailer YouTube



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    Lead and Artist

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    Lead and Programmer

    Markus Jost
    Lead and Programmer

    Edgar Castro
    Secondary Programmer

    Michael Miller

    Mischa Perella

    Red Ochsenbein

    Poster Art

    Ludwig Oetker

    Britt Brady
    Sound Designer

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